Cutting-Edge Technical Knowledge

NECG has been an integral part of our company since 1993. They work with us as if they worked for us. Sometimes I think NECG knows my employees and our business better than I do. Their contributions to Admatch go well beyond network maintenance. They are superb in overall IT management and in applying cutting-edge technical knowledge to our ever-changing requirements. They are there for us literally day and night as need be. NECG is 100% trustworthy in their recommendations and implementation. I have always felt that they act only in the best interests of my company.

Mark Nackman Admatch

Helped our practice to grow

NECG works closely with our practice to reduce our hardware while at the same time increasing security, efficiency, reliability and stability. In addition, NECG has guided us through major version upgrades of our case management software. NECG is responsive and deliver what they say on schedule.

Thomas S. Tripodianos Partner
Welby, Brady & Greenblatt, LLP

Invaluable Partner

For a decade, NECG has been an invaluable partner, enabling us to bring extraordinary service to our clients while keeping our firm technologically ahead of the curve. They have gone above and beyond to earn our thanks, admiration, and complete trust.

Charlie H. Yankwitt, LLP

Understand Our Business Needs

We have been working with NECG for ten years. Among the many factors that have contributed to this successful relationship is that NECG takes the time to understand your business needs first before recommending the technology solutions. The team is very knowledgeable, attentive, and patient and their response time to support issues is very fast.

Allison Bilotta, Esq. Hoffman, Wachtell & Rao, LLP