SHINY NEW GADGET OF THE MONTH: FitTrack – A Smart Scale That Does More

SHINY NEW GADGET OF THE MONTH: FitTrack – A Smart Scale That Does More


The bathroom scale isn’t always the most useful device in the home. FitTrack is a smart scale that aims to change that. It’s a different kind of bathroom scale that gives you much more than a single number.

Traditional bathroom scales don’t tell you anything about what’s happening in your body. FitTrack does. It gives you an “inside look” into what’s going on inside your body. It measures your weight, body fat percentage, body mass index, muscle and bone mass, hydration and more. In fact, it tracks 17 key health insights.

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The advanced scale pairs with the FitTrack app, which you can download to your smartphone and connect to the smart scale. All you do is step on the scale with your bare feet – the scale actually reads electrical signals from your body – and it sends the results to your phone. Simple and useful. Learn more about FitTrack at