Cutting-Edge Technical Knowledge

"The New England Computer Group has been an integral part of our company since 1993. They work with us as if they worked for us. Sometimes I think Frank Ballatore knows my employees and our business better than I do. NECG’s contributions to Admatch go well beyond network maintenance. They are superb in overall IT management and in applying cutting-edge technical knowledge to our ever-changing requirements. They are there for us literally day and night as need be. Frank is probably the most resourceful person I ever met in my business career and invariably finds creative, practical, cost-effective, and timely solutions to any problem. He and his staff are 100% trustworthy in their recommendations and implementation. I have always felt that Frank acts only in the best interests of my company."

Admatch-Regal Corp.

Understanding your business

"We have been working with Frank Ballatore and NECG for nearly ten years now. Among the many factors that have contributed to this successful relationship is the fact that NECG takes the time to understand your business needs first before recommending the technology solutions. This results in positive advances at an affordable price. We highly recommend the use of NECG for any and all of your technology solutions."

Cardinal Mortgage Corp.

Trust and Integrity

"One of the top solution providers in the country. Frank Ballatore and his team know it's all about making customers successful. That's what they do. Technology is just a tool to make it happen. Frank learned that at Citicorp. There are few top solution provider executives that have Frank's experience and business insight. Ultimately though this business is about being a TRUSTED advisor. There is no one with more integrity and CUSTOMER COMES FIRST credibility than Frank."

Executive Editor
CRN Magazine

Expert technical support

"Before I practiced law, I was a computer programmer and LAN Administrator. Because of the time consuming nature of maintaining a network and keeping abreast of technology, I needed a trustworthy entity to outsource these important business functions. NECG came highly recommended. I have worked with NECG for the past ten years and my network has grown from 2 computers to 10. It is important to utilize the latest trends in hardware and software for office efficiency; but, also to maintain credibility as a professional, especially when servicing institutional and government clients. NECG makes this possible. Moreover, I never experience down-time that interferes with my business. I am convinced this is due to the expertise of NECG in installing, supporting, maintaining, and upgrading my systems.

The NECG staff is always responsive, pleasant, helpful and easy to work with. NECG gets my highest recommendation."

Janet A. Paganelli, P.C.

Protecting our business

"Our computer systems and data are mission critical to our business.  Our client data is highly sensitive and confidential, so we were very diligent when choosing an IT support firm.   We chose NECG in 2004 because we felt that they offered the best combination of expertise and professional service.  NECG treats our data with the utmost confidentiality and care.  They recommended and installed their NECGSafetyNet backup and disaster recovery solution that ensures that our data is protected under any circumstances.  NECG has been maintaining and monitoring our systems to prevent issues, and are very responsive to our every need.

I would highly recommend NECG to any business owner."

Managing Director
Investment Advisory Firm

An integral part of our team

"We are a busy real estate firm with two locations and a large, diverse group of agents who MUST have access to our systems 24/7, from anywhere and from a variety of equipment ranging from Windows PCs to Macs to smartphones. NECG provides fast, expert and professional support so we can give the same to our clients. They are the best at what they do and we are very glad they are part of our team!"

Neumann Real Estate | Christie's Great Estates

Invaluable Support

"I'd like to compliment NECG employee Keith Korb, who was invaluable in getting me back on the grid.
I dropped and destroyed my PC in the airport on a recent trip to Europe. When I returned home I had limited time to get a new one and get it functioning before I was off again once more on another trip.

Keith could not have been more helpful and responsive in getting me back up and running professionally and promptly.

In the book “the Tipping Point”, Malcolm Gladwell describes several personality types important to success. One is called the “GURU”… someone who not only knows a subject exceedingly well BUT who also is very good at imparting that knowledge to others in an effective way. Keith is a GURU. He clearly knows his stuff, but his attitude and ability to explain things in a way even I could understand was priceless."

Business Development and Delivery Executive
K&R Negotiations

Peace of Mind

"I have a full time job running my printing business and providing the best services possible to my customers, and I don't have time to spend worrying about computer problems. I trust Frank and his team at NECG to keep our computers up and running so they don't disrupt my business. They do proactive maintenance and monitoring to prevent problems. They know our business and can recommend solutions like web filtering to control internet access to keep our system secure. They provide offsite back-up for our critical data, so I can sleep at night knowing that my data is safe in case of an outage or disaster. Having NECG take responsibility for our computer support was a smart business decision that I recommend to other small business owners."

Minuteman Press of Danbury

Helped our practice to grow

“We have been with The New England Computer Group for over a year and their services have been instrumental in helping our practice grow and succeed. NECG worked closely with our practice to reduce our hardware while at the same time increasing security, efficiency, reliability and stability. This project involved installing new servers, several new work stations, new tablets and laptops for our attorneys. In addition NECG has guided us through major version upgrades of our email server, office suite and case management software. NECG was responsive and delivered and installed the equipment on schedule.
The technicians at NECG are easy to work with and get in and get out with a minimum of disruption to our operation. Rob Valentine and Frank Ballatore have always been good to work with and support our firm’s objectives.”

Welby, Brady & Greenblatt, LLP