WWDC 2019’s biggest reveals

Apple CEO Tim Cook’s keynote for 2019 proved to be a blockbuster. This year’s Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) featured an even more powerful flagship desktop suite, Apple OS improvements, and several other developments that further prove that the company always listens to its toughest critics. Privacy commitment In Mr. Cook’s keynote speech, he hammered […]

Lower your data center bills

Data centers can be costly, more so if they quickly drain your resources. How much do you spend on them every month? Don’t be afraid to calculate your expenses since there’s a lot you can do to keep costs under control. Here are a few suggestions to keep in mind.  Perform an energy audit There’s […]

The Simplicity Cycle

By Dan Ward

Today, it seems the world is more complex than ever. Business is no different. But in our quest to address the intricacies of our circumstances with our products, offerings, services, communication and everything else, too often something is lost.

Boiling Down The Best Business Advice

In a recent article for, several founders shared the best advice they’d received over their long and storied careers.

The wisdom runs the gamut, but reading through the article, it’s clear that the factors essential to being successful orbit a few key points: You need to be adaptable yet focused on the specific things that you and your business can do really well.

Top 4 reasons for sluggish mobile internet

Fed up with your smartphone because of its slow internet speed? Before you rush off to the nearest electronics store to buy a new one, take a look at these four possible reasons why your phone’s internet connection is slow. Router location One simple yet overlooked reason why your Wi-Fi-connected phone may be experiencing internet […]